Fans of stylish accessories will agree that in the spring to live without buying one or more new emily Gucci handbag is simply impossible! The Gucci brand pampers us with the most diverse models of women handbags, and new trends are pleasing with its practicality and style.

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Decorative details of emily Gucci handbag

One of the trends this year is a large number of decorative details and small jewelry on emily Gucci handbag. Such decorative elements are rivets, brooches and rhinestones.

Unusual emily Gucci handbag

In this season, emily Gucci handbag delight their fans with very unusual shapes and color combinations. Also in some accessories, there are clear geometric shapes that will please lovers of even shapes.

Wristlet emily Gucci handbag

A beautiful miniature emily Gucci handbag with a loop on the arm. As a rule, such models have rich decor. An excellent bag for walking around the city: it is convenient and quite roomy for all the essentials.